B.O.O.T.S (Believers Overcoming Obstacles Together Successfully) is a nonprofit organization created to bring hope to families faced with unforeseen situations where urgent, discreet and desperately needed help must be provided. We strive to assist our residents and clients with shelter, clothing, hygiene, food and any other supportive services needed to help them regain social independence.

Our mission is to assist those individuals and families who experience or are threatened with:


Our goal is to promote and encourage dignity and self-worth to all our residents and clients by providing them with an excellent quality of life as defined by an individual and/or group.

B.O.O.T.S (Believers Overcoming Obstacles Together Successfully) plan will consist of programs geared towards offering temporary housing to families who have been displaced due to loss of income, relocation or uncontrolled circumstances.
We will provide them with a room (with kitchenette), apartment or house that meets the standard of living for one year if they are
continuously and successfully working the program and remain focused on change. Everyone will receive assistance with state benefits, job assistance and continuing education as part of our program.
B.O.O.T.S (Believers Overcoming Obstacles Together Successfully) will also
partner with other organizations, agencies, businesses and churches to provide financial and emotional support.

These programs were created by our organization to empower and give confidence to those families and individuals who have been oppressed by society both physically and emotionally.
Our desire is to put a significantly large dent in poverty until it becomes nonexistent.
Our hope
is that our clients become self-sufficient and eventually give back to society.

Volunteering and assisting existing shelters in our community with physical and monetary donations to fulfill basic needs. (Ex. feeding the homeless, clothing drives, decorating living spaces and providing bedding and hygiene when needed)

Supplying backpacks with hygiene, clothing items, perishable foods and water to homeless individuals still living on the streets. Coats and blankets given during the winter months.

Educating in areas of finance such as money management, budgeting, credit counseling and home buying. College assistance, financial aid, sex education, health and literacy programs will also be provided.

The housing program will offer clients one year rent free where 10% of their monthly income will be put into an escrow account to be used at the end of the program to either purchase or lease.


Hello, my name is Janesa Lewis and I am a resident of Arlington, Texas. I am a native of Lake Providence, Louisiana where I grew up as a child and attended school.
I moved to Fort Worth,
Texas (for the third time) in 1998. I began working right away and got an apartment for myself and my three small children.
Alone in the big city with no family support was overwhelming and
I was immediately thrown into homelessness and we were forced to live in a shelter and some places that were not entirely safe.
There was great difficulty finding programs to help my
children and I get re-established in society.
So many restrictions and requirements that we
didn’t meet such as not receiving AFDC or Snap benefits, not being out of work for more than 3 months and not having Texas Identification.
That series of unfortunate events lasted for almost two years before I was able to get back on my feet and start a new life. I knew then that I would eventually start a group, a ministry, an organization or something that would cater to homelessness and poverty especially among single-parent families. A MIRROR IMAGE OF ME!